I could say that I am writing a fantasy novel, the more accurate statement is that I am learning to write a fantasy novel.

My intention for this blog is to both share and track the process of revealing my own path to creating an experience out of  words using my imagination. I know I can write. I know I am a writer. Am I an author? This is how I find out. It seems like it might be straight forward, just write the book. I am finding it is a labyrinthine and circuitous path that is not at all economical and not necessarily intuitive either. The usual way usually doesn’t work for me. I’m a bit of a rebel, and a lot odd. I’m a lefty with dyslexia and I was born during Mercury retrograde, just to throw a few of my particulars out there. I believe our difficulties force us to be creative. Difficulty is good, it makes for a good story. Conflict is central to plot, right?

I am trying new things all the time and throwing out old things and finding that each writer is unique and only you can uncover your own secrets. Still, we learn a lot from each other when we share. So, here I am, sharing.